As ego-driven and unapologetically abrasive Kanye West might be, love him or hate him, he is one of the most significant and important entertainers of our time.

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TL;DR A new book of poems by Leonard Cohen called "The Flame" was recently released. In it, you can find a poem Cohen wrote in 2015 called "Kanye West Is Not Picasso" where the Montreal artist poetically makes fun of the American rapper and entertainer.

Similar to the force Oprah holds over middle-aged suburban housewives, Kanye West holds the same power over suburban teenage kids yearning for their piece of "the good life."

But Kanye West isn't just a rapper with delusions of grandeur, he's a ubiquitous brand. Slapping his name on everything from sneakers to sweatpants, he knows the value of his name and he's capitalizing on it big time, making his "delusions" somewhat justified.

If people spent thousands of dollars on sneakers just because my name was on them, I'd probably be full of myself too.

That said, not everyone falls for Kanye West's shtick, though. The extreme nature of Kanye West's brand is what gives him that "love him or hate him" vibe.

We recently found out that one legendary Montrealer was definitely in the "hate him" camp: none other than the late Leonard Cohen himself.

Leonard Cohen passed away in fall 2016, just two years ago. A book of poems and other written works of his were recently released in a new book titled The Flame. 

In this book, you can find an unexpected poem called "Kanye West is Not Picasso," where Leonard Cohen gracefully and with the utmost poetic tact totally roasts Kanye West and everything his brand stands for.

My personal favorite line: "I am the Kanye West Kanye West thinks he is."

Here's the poem in full.

The legendary Leonard Cohen is known for singing about love, loss, and general existential struggles of life, not for blatantly slandering other artists.  

In the context of the current political climate and criticism that Kanye West has received over his new album and political views, the release of this book and poem seems to be right on time.


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