The bad news just keeps rolling in.

Well, "bad" depending on what side of the issue you stand.

Yesterday, the Mayor of Quebec city released a video explaining why he will be banning pit-bulls in his city.

But this morning, it was Phillipe Couillard who jumped on the "banned wagon" to announce that the Province of Quebec will probably also be banning pit bulls by next year.

“There’s a provincial norm in Ontario, I think we’re ripe to have a provincial norm in Quebec, that could theoretically include possibly banning the species.”

And sadly, it goes even further.

Couillard says he doesn't want to have to orchestrate a pit bull ban only to be forced to ban another equally dangerous breed the year after that. So for the next year, the province will conduct studies in order to determine which other dog breed should be banned.

These would likely include the 5 most dangerous dog breeds in the world. So if you own any of these dog breeds, you should be really worried:

  • Pit bull
  • Rottweiler
  • Husky
  • German
  • Chow

Hopefully the province will come to their senses and realize that dogs are like your own children and you can't just come into someone home and take away members of their family.

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