It's that classic concert moment, your favorite musician comes on stage and praises your hometown for being the best city in the world. Everyone cheers because it must be the truth, artists don't lie right? But in the back of your mind you can't help but wonder: "Do they say the same thing in every city?" Then you realize it doesn't really matter and the concert goes on.

But sometimes artists tour so much they can forget what city they're in. And in the case of Madonna it couldn't have happened in a worst place. Quebec City.

That's right, Madonna got up on stage and tried to hype up the crowd by shouting:

"Alright are you ready to heat things up in this place, Montreal! WHOOPS ... Quebec City."

At least if the opposite happened and she had mistaken Montreal for Quebec, everyone would just assume she meant the province of Quebec and it wouldn't have been a big deal. But she did it in Quebec, a place which I'm sure didn't appreciate being mistaken for Montreal. The only worst thing she could have done is mistake Montreal with Toronto. Both cities would have been pissed off at that point.

Watch the horror unfold:


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