A driver in Saint-Adele was more than a little surprised to get pulled over this weekend because police thought he was driving drunk.

The police had fair reason to believe it, too, considering that the driver, Tom Fermanian, was swerving all over the road on his way to the gas station on rue Notre-Dame near route 117.

But it turns out Mr Fermanian wasn't drunk at all: he was just avoiding potholes.

If you've been complaining about the state of our roads here in Quebec since January, now you have proof that it's not just you. In an interview with Le Journal de Montreal, Mr Fermanian made a call to the Ministry of Transportation, pleading with them to do something.

And I understand his cry. If our roads are so bad that someone can actually be pulled over for suspected drunk driving, we have an issue.

Apparently, when Mr Fermanian reached the gas station, an officer from the Sûreté du Québec quickly approached him. They asked him if he knew why he was being pulled over and Mr Fermanian was quick to respond. 

He asked them if they were pulling him over for zigzagging through the street. The officers were quick to realize they had been mistaken - not about the less-than-straight driving, but at least about the reason why he was driving in such a manner.

In fact, it turns out that Mr Fermanian doesn't drink at all!

The officers decided they didn't need to give Mr Fermanian a breathalyzer test and instead let him go.

Shortly after, Mr Fermanian noticed that the same road had finally been taken care of, with the potholes having been filled in. 

The mayor made an effort to fill the potholes under emergency status at the expense of the Ministry of Transportation, after hearing the story of Mr Fermanian being pulled over.

To read the whole story in French, head to the Journal de Montreal's article here.

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