It's no secret that Canada has proposed quite a few different changes to our provinces over the years.

Although some have been taken into consideration, most are almost immediately scrapped for making no sense at all or just not being a feasible change to the country.

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TL;DR If you've ever wondered what Canada would look like if every major proposal by provinces throughout the years had succeeded, you can finally take a look at a map of just that. While some U.S. states became provinces, the creation of new provinces altogether and the welcoming of the Caribbean are also notable changes to this imaginary Canada.

But what if in some parallel universe there was a Canada that actually agreed to all of the proposed provincial changes? It's easy to get caught up imagining what exactly Canada would look like if every major proposal throughout history actually succeeded.

Well, lucky for us, we may be able to take a look at that imaginary country without having to make any permanant changes to ours.

Someone has actually created a map of this version of Canada and you have to admit it's pretty shocking how different everything could have been.

Via atrubetskoy

Although British Columbia and the northern provinces and territories seem to have stayed the same, you can't say that for the rest of Canada. Seriously, what kind of world would it be if Buffalo absorbed half of two actual provinces?!

It seems the consensus is pretty mixed, with some happy this isn't our reality and other Canadians really wishing we had welcomed the Caribbean as Canadian turf when we had the opportunity.

Could you imagine being able to travel to Turks and Caicos without needing a passport? Some of us Canadians can only dream.

Even though there's really no chance any of these changes will ever be executed, it's definitely an interesting look into what could have been.

Who knows, maybe a major province proposal will be approved in the future. Only time will tell what Canada decades from now might look like.


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