Don't get too excited about the warm weather we've had this week because winter isn't over just yet.

The snow may have mostly melted, but as you know, in Montreal we just never know when there will be more of it on the way.

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Statistically, March is by far the worst month when it comes to huge snowstorms. More than half of all the major 24 hour snowstorms in Montreal since 1898 have happened in (you guessed it) March.

On March 19th 2013 we got over 30cm of snow, and one time we even got 38cm storm in April!

Here are the top 5 worst snowstorms to hit Montreal in March:

  • March 22nd 2001 - 50,2 cm

  • March 26th 1955 - 49,3 cm

  • March 3rd 1971 - 47,0 cm

  • March 1st 1900 - 46,2 cm

  • March 13th 1993 - 43,0 cm

Luckily for us, the snow that was predicted to fall over Montreal this week will likely melt away immediately so we're in the clear for at least the next two weeks.

However the Spring forecast did say that winter would last longer than normal this year so don't put away your coats just yet.

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