Montrealers are getting pretty excited at the thought of winter being over.

But perhaps we shouldn't celebrate just yet, because first we have to get through the month of March 

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That's because the month of March is statistically the worst month fo the year when it comes to big snowstorms. More than half of all the major 24 hour snowstorms in Montreal since 1898 happened in March.

It's seems impossible right now when you look outside and you see nothing but rain, but consider this example, On March 19th 2013, Montreal was buried under 33 cm of snow! 

Here are the top 5 worst snowstorms to hit Montreal in March:

  • March and 2001 - 50,2 cm

  • March 26th 1955 - 49,3 cm

  • March 3rd 1971 - 47,0 cm

  • March 1st 1900 - 46,2 cm

  • March 13th 1993 - 43,0 cm

So yeah, maybe you shouldn't put away your winter gear just yet.

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