Super Heros have descended upon the Montreal streets!

In true superhero fashion, these Marvel and DC heroes have come to save us all from one of Montreal's biggest and most famous problems. 

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Yes, even the superheroes of the world believe Montreal's pothole problem is so bad that it warrants their time. 

MJ Anim'Actionsent us these insane shots we just had to share with you. 

Via Aurélien terrible / Mathieu Delhorbe

Captain America and Thor take on Montreal's pothole epidemic with their trusty weapons.

Via Aurélien terrible / Mathieu Delhorbe

Even Spider-Man came through to help his Avenger teammates with a little winter fishing.

Via Aurélien terrible / Mathieu Delhorbe

The one and only Tony Stark/Iron Man was on hand to seal up our massive potholes too!  

Via Aurélien terrible / Mathieu Delhorbe

Even the forever ongoing Marvel vs DC issues going on in the world are NO MATCH for Montreal's pothole problem.

Batman came to help out the Avengers too in a superhero twist we could only dream of!

Via Aurélien terrible / Mathieu Delhorbe

There you have it... if these superheroes can't help us, then we're officially doomed! 

Your move, Valérie Plante.

MJ Anim'Action sends out their superhero team to events all over Montreal. Check em out!

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