We can all agree that this past week has been pretty tough on us Canadians. To start, we've all been super anxious on the east coast with Hurricane Florence, and although it's over, the problems don't stop there.

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TL;DR Environment Canada issued a warning of intense floods this week in New Brunswick and the Maritimes. Rainfall is predicated to last from today until Thursday night with levels as high as 50mm in 24 hours. With thunderstorms taking place in parts of Quebec as well, including Montreal, there is a chance that flooding may occur here as well.

Just before the weekend began multiple tornados raged through Ottawa and Gatineau, leaving thousands of Canadians to be evacuated and without homes. You'd think by this point Mother Nature would take a break on us. Seriously, we've been through enough already!

But, to our dismay, we need to be on edge once again. This week insane flooding in the Maritimes and New Brunswick will arrive after intense rainfall, and it's only going to worsen as the week goes on.

Envrionment Canada issued the alert yesterday evening, with a low pressure system in the Great Lakes about to spread rain across New Brunswick tonight. 

It's expected that rainfall will begin tonight and continue through Thursday, with warning levels of 50mm of rainfall in 24 hours. Many Canadians on the east coast are currently preparing for the dangerous floods that are expected to occur.

If you thought there might be some good news to soften the blow from all of the bad, it's unfortunately not the case. Intense rain is set to begin in parts of Quebec as well, including Montreal, so there is potential we could see floods begin to move across Canada as the rainfall continues throughout the week.

Time to prepare for a week of bad weather and time spent indoors, Canada. Stay tuned for more updates on the country's dangerous weather warnings.


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