Alright, raise your hand if you were stuck in the mega March snowstorm that hit us earlier this week. 

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Literally, the storm was an actual weather nightmare. Cars getting stuck on highways; buses were getting stuck on streets; it was a complete whiteout at some points; all in all, it was a pretty big snowtastrophe. But one man is probably a little better off in all this than most of us.

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According to hockeyfeed, a man's car was trapped in piles and piles of snow on Wednesday. He was struggling to get his car free, and people were legit just passing him by, not offering to help - pretty standard story so far.

Except when someone finally did stop to help, it wasn't your average good guy.

It was Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty, strolling up to save the day:

You go, Max Pacioretty. You da real MVP.  

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