McDonald's are bringing some big changes to their happy meal menu. In fact the change will affect the most popular happy meal item out there: The cheeseburger. 

That's right McDonald's has announced that they will be removing the cheeseburger from the their Happy Meal menu.   

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But that's not the only change coming.

In an effort to cut down on the calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar that kids consume, they're also getting rid of the chocolate milkshake option, they're making the french fry portion smaller, they're adding fruit options and they're reducing the sugar content of their apple juice. 

The changes are expected to come into effect in the U.S. in June, but lucky for Canada we have another couple of years left before these changes affect us. 

This morning McDonald's Canada announced all the changes coming to Canadian Happy meals by 2022:

  • 50% of Happy Meals options need to be under 600 calories 

  • They Need to have 10% less saturated fat

  • They can't contain more than 650 milligrams of sodium 

  • Added sugars must be reduced by 10%


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