Photo cred - unilad

Every Saturday morning I slowly wake up and start wondering what I'll have for breakfast. I Don't want to move too far and I definitely don't want to get out of the car ... McDonald's breakfast!

And now the internal debate begins: But wait, what time is it? Breakfast ends at 10:30 right? Or is it 11:00? Or 10:30 just during the week but 11:00 on the weekends? Shit ... never mind it's 2 pm, I missed. But next week (dramatic pause) next week will be different!

If only there was a solution to this problem because I definitely don't plan on waking up earlier than 2:00pm on a Saturday (that's just crazy talk). Luckily it looks like there may be hope on the horizon because according to Unilad, McDonald's is starting to test all day breakfast in the US.

We just hope it goes well and they sell tons of McMuffins because if the trial is successful enough then they'll probably be bringing the idea to Canada. So eat up America!


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