Most would assume that Royal life is an easy one. After all, the Royals do have all their fundamental needs covered; never having to worry about paying bills or sending in your rent cheque on time. 

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Although this sounds like a stress-free life, we tend to romanticize Royals just like we do with celebrities. Telling ourselves: they have it so easy. It's all yacht cruising and garden parties, all the time. 

When in fact, life as a celebrity is anything but relaxing. Although they never have to worry about paying their bills, as Uncle Ben once said: "With great power comes great responsibility." 

This week, the Royal couple met young winners of the 2018 "WellChilds" Awards. An association that celebrates the inspiring qualities of some of the country’s seriously ill young people. 

Meghan Markle and Harry took the time to speak with many of these children and had some very sweet and candid conversations with them.

When the couple spoke to camera-shy Mckenzie Brackley who suffers from Acute Flaccid Paralysis, the Royal couple revealed to him that they didn't like the cameras either.

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Admittedly, Meghan Markle has experienced a great deal of intrusion by the media, particularly when she and Harry began dating. It's clear and understandable that at this point 24/7 media scrutiny and watch must feel like being trapped.

This is a Tweet back from 2016 that was released by Kensington Palace that clearly shows the extent of media harassment Meghan has endured.

At the time, this powerful letter made a difference, and the media did ease up on her.

That said, considering the recent drama with her father and her first year in the Royal Family, it seems that Meghan might be experiencing a second wave of disruptive media and boundary-breaking behavior. 

In the heat of the drama, this candid moment between Meghan and the young boy shows us that she is yearning to be a "normal" newlywed and to also enjoy her newfound marital bliss in peace.

Although I can empathize with this basic need, being under the media's watchful eye is - and always has been - an expected "price of admission" to becoming part of the Royal Family.  


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