According to a recent report by U.K. publication The Sun, some of Meghan's die-hard fans are turning to highly unusual method of predicting the sex of her baby. As you know, Meghan and hubby Harry have intentionally chosen not to know and divulge the sex of their baby until it's due day. But some fans are just itching with excitment, they can't possibly wait any longer to find out. 

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TL;DR  Fans of the Duchess have turned to a Chinese gender predictor tool to determine the sex of her baby. According to the tool, it will be a boy. Although this calendar should not be taken too seriously, it's still fun game to play as her due date rapidly approaches, and shows just how eager and dedicated Meghan Markle fans really are.

That's why they are using an ancient — and let's be real, probably unreliable method to predict the sex of the child. This bizzare Chinese gender predictor tool is said to be able to determine the sex of a baby based off the month of conception and the age of the mother at the time of conception. 

Via hollyfurtick.typepad

Of course, none of this is based on science, and ultimately is more of a game than something that should be taken seriously. But based off of the time to conception — which was likely July or August — and her age, 37, the baby is predicted to be a boy.

Fans are even turning to Twitter to discuss the method and claim that the baby will most likely be a boy.

The fact that fans are resorting to a this far-fetched method of predicting the sex  only proves that this has become a total game. I wouldn't be surprised if people are placing real bets and money on the sex of her child.

That said, the Duchess of Sussex is looking quite far along, the clock is ticking fast, and it's only a matter of time before we'll actually know for sure!

More Meghan Markle news to come!



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