Meghan Markle is one busy lady these days. During her 16 day trip to Australia, she reportedly has about 76 engagements planned. 

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TL;DR Although Meghan has been sticking to the "Royal rules" for dressing abroad on her Australian tour, she has made some questionable decisions in terms of appropriate footwear, notably wearing sky-high stilettos heels to play sports on a grassy field. 

Each one of the 76 engagements require at least one new outfit, if not two, and a backup pair of shoes.

Which makes me wonder: how the hell do you pack 76-plus outfits for a 2-week trip?

Logistics aside, I have to say, Meghan has been absolutely killing the outfit game in Australia.

Against all odds, she has followed all the "unwritten Royal rules" of dressing while travelling abroad.

Meghan has been sticking to neutral colors, modest sillouhettes and hemlines, and feminine footwear. 

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Despite following all the prescribed sartorial rules, Meghan seems to be making one questionable wardrobe decision on multiple occasions.

Arguably this is the most important wardrobe decision when travelling and on your on your feet all day, and pregnant too!

Two words: proper footwear.

Just writing that down I hear my dad's voice echoing in my head; fathers are generally big proponents of wearing "appropriate footwear." 

At an engagement at Government House – an event encouraging women to pursue sports – Meghan shows up on a rugy sports field wearing her go-to footwear of choice: a pair of impossibly pointy stiletto heels.

While her navy dress by Australian designer Dion Lee is stunning, her shoes are questionable. If you've ever worn stilettos in a grassy field, you know the struggle.

Scratch that, if you've ever worn stilettos for more than 2-hours straight standing – it's actual physical torture!

This is definitly NOT an appropriate choice of footwear for walking around all day, let alone for throwing around a ball on a football field.

That said, Meghan bravely wears stilettos 90% of the time she's seen in public.

Even when she's attending day-long social engagements that require a ton of constant standing and squatting up and down to hug and greet children; which she and Harry seem to be doing a lot of.

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I believe it's about time that the Royal family get with modern times and update the Royal wardrobe rules to include the wearing of sneakers for women. Wearing appropriate footwear shows good judgment and that comfort should always come first.

With so many luxury brands designing stylish sneakers, looking chic and comfortable at the same time is actually possible!

More updates on the Royal tour in Australia to come!


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