Over the weekend, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry touched down in Australia for the first stop of their Royal tour down under.

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I recently wrote about some rumors that were circulating the internet about Meghan Markle supposedly trying for her first child and assumed that the first Royal baby may be conceived down under.

Looks like rumors are more than true because Kensington Palace officially released an announcement saying that the Royal couple is actually pregnant and  expecting their very first baby this spring!

The new Royal arrival will be seventh in line to the throne. Get in line baby!

The announcement coincides nicely with their arrival in Australia. I'm sure that they will be greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm over the next two weeks.

@kensingtonroyalembedded via  

The Royal couple will be extremely busy, though. During their 16 days in Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand, they have over 76 engagements planned. Now that's a busy social calendar. Hopefully, a newly pregnant Meghan Markle will be up for the challenge.

Excited to see all of Meghan's fantastic maternity outfits. Stay tuned for more Royal news!



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