This is one of those headlines you read and think it's either clickbait or a story from The Onion, but thankfully this one happened to be true. Not only is Michael Fassbender in Montreal, but he will be participating in the Just For Laughs Festival. However he won't be doing just a regular show, he will be preforming a script reading of the movie The Big Lebowski where he'll be playing the role of The Dude himself.

Apparently Fassbender is a big fan of the movie and he even throws around Big Lebowski quotes while he's on set filming the new X-Men movie according to JDMIt's one thing to see a comedian incarnating the role of The Dude, but seeing a serious actor like Fassbender give it a try sounds extremely promising and entertaining.

Fassbender will be joined by Patton Oswald who will be playing the role of Walter which was originally played by John Goodman.

The show take place July 24. Check out Just For Laugh's Website for more info and to buy tickets

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