One Montreal man became so angry about his bill at a store in Mont-Tremblant that he ended up spitting in the shopkeeper's face. That's according to local police, who posted the story on their website. He could now be charged with assault.

If the shopkeeper tests positive for COVID-19, he could also face charges of public nuisance and assault causing bodily harm.

The incident all began on June 10 when the man in his 60s from Montreal "made an appointment to receive services from a business without inquiring about the price," according to the police.

His wife paid the bill. It wasn't until the next day that he returned and "had a heated discussion with the shopkeeper."

It escalated to the point that the man "lowered the mask he was wearing and said, 'Tiens le COVID'" — in English that's roughly, "here, have some COVID" — "before spitting directly into the lady's face."

Police showed up and arrested him outside the store.

In their statement, Mont-Tremblant police said the man is "repentant" and willing to get tested for the disease.

This isn't the first time someone in Canada was arrested for deliberately exposing others to their spit or respiratory droplets, which are known to carry the novel coronavirus. 

In April, the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) arrested a man for deliberately coughing on a card machine at the drive-through takeout window of a local restaurant.

That video is below.

He faced charges of public nuisance and mischief.

In a statement shared with MTL Blog, the SPVQ stated that it "[takes] very seriously all situations that may put the health of the population at risk and bring to justice those who will commit criminal offences."

York Regional Police in Ontario investigated an incident in which a man coughed on his change at a store and told the clerk, "I hope you get coronavirus."

Another spitting incident also took place at a gelato shop in Ottawa.

Other people have weaponized their coughs in altercations with police officers, too.

Even as Quebec quickly deconfines this month and opens even more businesses, tensions are high as new health rules change the way we move through the city and do our shopping.

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