• Two NDP candidates were forced to step down within the first 24 hours of the federal election campaign.
  • Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo candidate Dock Currie was forced to drop out due to "aggressive" comments made online 2 years ago.
  • LaSalle-Émard-Verdun candidate Olivier Mathieu was forced to drop out due to allegations of domestic abuse, also made online.

This article contains pictures that some readers may find disturbing. If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault, call the Centre pour les victimes d'agression sexuelle de Montréal (CVASM) at 514-934-4504 or find them online here.

Two NDP candidates running to be MPs in the upcoming federal election have now dropped out, and both due to what could be called "social media scandals."

The first candidate, Dock Currie, dropped out on Wednesday the 11th just as the Parliament had been dissolved, which kicked off the campaign stretch before voting day on October 21st.

Currie was the NDP candidate for the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo riding in British Columbia before he was asked to step down due to comments he had made on social media two years ago.

The second candidate, Olivier Mathieu, who dropped out of the race yesterday, September 12th, was planning to run in the LaSalle-Émard-Verdun riding in southwestern Montreal.

Mathieu stepped down after a shocking and public Facebook post, which included a photograph of a woman with wounds on her face, accused him of domestic violence and abuse.

The post below was shared by Dock Currie on Wednesday, sharing his disappointment that he would no longer be running for the NDPs in BC.

According to CTV Vancouver, the contentious social media post that led to Currie's removal from the race revolved around "flippant and aggressive" comments made online that were directed at "pro-pipeline activists."

Currie, himself, acknowledged the social media engagement as "problematic," though made a point of contextualizing the comments as those made by a graduate student with no "designs on public life."

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More seriously, though, are the allegations that have been made against LaSalle-Émard-Verdun NDP candidate, Olivier Mathieu.

In a Facebook post shared on the 11th, Mathieu's ex-wife Rebecca Stuart shared a photo of herself with a split lip, alleging that when they were together Mathieu "regularly abused" her.

Stuart also pleaded with the NDP to ceases endorsement of Mathieu and to find another candidate for the LaSalle-Émard-Verdun riding.

In a now-deleted or private Facebook post, Mathieu addressed the allegations saying that they were false and that he intends to prove it, but for now, he accepts that the party must prioritize presenting their platform.

Party leader, Jagmeet Singh, also addressed the loss of candidates while speaking with media in Brampton. According to the CBC, Singh still feels the NDP has a solid vetting process and that voters should have confidence in the NDP's choice of candidates.

He also addressed the need for candidates to meet party standards, and that any candidate who is not meeting those standards can not continue to represent the party.

The vetting process exists to ensure candidates meet a "high quality standard" that is in line with NDP values, as well as to suss out any issues during recruitment.

As it stands, no replacement has been announced for either riding, but according to CJAD, Singh has every intention of making sure there is an NDP candidate on the ballot in every riding for voters to get behind come election day.

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