As someone who's spent her whole life around Italian pastries, I can tell you one thing with 100% certainty: I know a good cannoli when I see one.

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I also know how difficult it is to find a vegan cannoli that both a) is good, and b) exists. Because although cannoli don't look it, they're actually full of animal products.

Cannoli are usually filled with either ricotta cheese, custard, or - sometimes - mascarpone, which are all pretty much 100% dairy... and 100% not vegan friendly.

But one Montreal cafe has brought this traditional Sicilian dessert into the vegan sphere.

Cafe Dei Campi (1360 Boulevard Rosemont), located in Rosemont, has started selling vegan cannoli.

Which, honestly, is pretty amazing. Look at how creamy that filling is; look at how perfect that shell is; look at how amazing this cannoli looks!

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For those of us who enjoy vegan food, or have made the decision to go vegan, I think this is a legit dream come true, TBH.

Seems like your newest favourite food? Then check out Cafe Dei Campi on Facebook for more information.

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