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Public transport is a huge topic of conversation in Montreal. It seems like every week we're either talking about new buses, bigger buses, hybrid buses, new metro trains, new metro stations, above ground metros and light rail systems.

And it's no wonder, you only need to get stuck in traffic once to fully understand why public transport is absolutely necessary here.

But do we really need more metros and more buses?

Of course that's the obvious solution, but perhaps we should think outside the box.

What if you could park you car and jump on a relaxing gondola ride that would whisk you away to work?

Imagine crossing the entire downtown core in 15 minutes without ever stopping for red lights, traffic, construction and cyclists?

The real beauty of this project is:

  • It would only cost about $5,000,000.
  • Construction would be extremely quick and easy since the posts just need to be drilled into the ground and there's no need to tear up the streets.
  • It would quickly become an icon and a tourist attraction.
  • If it works we could add more and maybe even expand it to take people up Mount-Royal.
  • It's completely impervious to potholes which is a good enough reason to build this thing.

Think about it, maybe this is the solution Montreal needs.

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