There's no escaping this time, winter has arrived.

Unlike last year, where it felt like winter was going to be cancelled altogether, this year is going to be brutal.

It's going to be longer, colder and snowier than ever.

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Case and point, the snow already started and it's still Fall. Winter is a whole month away which means we're already geared for an extra long season this year.

And if you thought the snow is just going to melt soon anyways, think again.

There's a lot more snow on the way.

Next week will be okay, only a few millimeters here and there, but the week after that will not be so fun.

We're expecting up to 20 cm of snow to fall between the December 5-6, and according to the Old Farmer's almanac the whole season will have above-normal precipitation and snowfall. 

As for the December forecast, it's basically snow, followed by snow storms, snow showers, snow flurries and of course snowy periods, followed by flurries. I'm not even kidding:

Dec 1-5: Snowy periods, some heavy; mild; Dec 6-8: Sunny, turning cold; Dec 9-17: Snowstorm, then snow showers, cold; Dec 18-24: Snow, then flurries, cold; Dec 25-28: Snowy periods, turning mild; Dec 29-31: Flurries, cold. - Old Farmer's Almanac

As for the temperature, that's where we get lucky.

It will be cold, but luckily the coldest will be December and January, but overall it will feel a little milder than last year's icy nightmare.

So in conclusion, we may be stuck shoveling snow all winter, but at least we won't get frostbite while we're doing it.


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