In an effort to promote a healthier diet and lifestyle, Montreal city council passed a motion yesterday that will effectively ban the sale of sugar-laden drinks in municipal buildings. 

Pop/soda, energy drinks, and fruity beverages would fall under the umbrella of sugary drinks, with the ban prohibiting the sale of such beverages in arenas and sports centres in Montreal. 

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“The city of Montreal has always wanted to move to healthier choices, and sugary drinks is a part of that, so we are very open to the offer of other choices that are not as calorie-laden or full of sugar” said Mayor Valérie Plante, reports The Gazette. 

Not stopping at Montreal, the motion also implores the federal government to enforce a tax on the sugary drink makers. 

According to studies cited by the motion, a nation-wide sugary drink tax could potentially save 13,00 lives and $11.6 billion in health care costs in the next twenty-five years. 

If you’re mildly addicted to drinking coke while watching hockey at an arena, don’t fret too much just yet. 

How, exactly, sugary drinks will be removed from municipal buildings still needs to be assessed. 

Also, since contracts with beverage suppliers are still in effect, the city-wide ban may be held back by several years. Before healthier alternatives are substituted, the existing contracts will need to end. 

The city will, however, provide an opportunity to existing beverage suppliers to make the switch to healthier options. 

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