Montreal-based media personality and standup comic, Chantal Desjardins, is stuck in Bali following the grounding of flights out of the country due to the eruption of Mount Agung.

Desjardins was scheduled to fly out on Tuesday, but will now only be able to leave on next Tuesday at the earliest.

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She said she was at a hotel about 70 kms. away. As yet, there is no word on evacuating the area.

True to her art, she was able to see humour in her situation. After being informed that she might have to remain in Bali indefinitely, she tweeted, "I might just live here now. New meaning to "adventure holiday"." 

Several Canadians in Bali find themselves in the same situation.

Mount Agung has been spewing clouds of white and dark grey ash about 3000 metres above its cone since the weekend. In addition, lava has been collecting in its crater. Its explosions can be heard about 12 kms. away.

Unfortunately for those scheduled to fly from the island, the ash is flying towards the airport. Volcanic ash poses a deadly threat to aircraft.

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