2 years ago, Montreal concert venues and outdoor festivals officially banned Native Headdresses from their events because they were offensive.

And as of last year, there are 22 other items which are officially banned from Montreal's festivals such as Osheaga. 

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But now there's another item that may be added to the list, and it's going to make things pretty complicated for festival goers. 

The owner of the Sirois Security firm, who's clients include Festival d'été and evenko is recommending that they ban backpacks from their show venues.

So you'd better start sewing extra pockets in your shorts this year, otherwise you may be dancing with your hand full. 

This all comes as a result of the terrorist attack that happened last night at an Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester.

Mr. Sirois will be making his recommendations to his clients this week and who knows which other festivals will follow suit. 


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