Well, it's that time of year again Montreal.

The time where you wake up and it's cold and grey outside, so you put a light jacket on and head to work. Then on your way home it feels like 30ºC and you're sweating your ass off.

You just can't win.

And since weather seems to be on everyone's mind lately we decided to answer a very important question.

One that most people dread...

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When will it snow?

There have been tons of reports about the winter so far. Some say it will be a regular boring Montreal winter, others say it will be colder compared to what we've experience in the past couple years.

But no one talks about exactly when it's going to start snowing.

Well, we found out by checking Accuweather's long term forecast and we didn't have to scroll very far to find some snowflakes.

The first snow will be here by Wednesday November 2nd followed by frost, ice and flurries the next week.

So I guess we have our answer. It's not the one we would have wanted by t least we can start getting mentally prepared for the inevitable.

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