Ever get that feeling like the world is out to get you? Like, for example, that guy at the SAAQ who would nitpick every little thing during your driving exam, who seemed to be going out of his way to fail you? Well get ready to prove to your friends and family that you're not entirely a conspiracy theory nut!

The Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec released statistics which have officially confirmed that if you take your driving test in Montreal, you're more likely to fail it!

Here are your chances of passing a driving test on your first go, by city:

61% in Montreal

77% in Quebec City

80% in Sherbrooke

94% in Gaspe

Obviously this is largely due to things like our city's infamous construction zones and a general shittier level of traffic in Montreal compared to the other cities mentioned above. There are also more pedestrians, cyclists, asshole drivers, floods, sinkholes and winter related tomfoolery that make for a clusterfuck of obstacles Montreal drivers have to overcome that non-Montrealers don't.

And even with this crazy high fail rate, we still end up with geniuses like this guy. Not to mention the not so smart motorcyclists on the road


Source: CTV

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