There's been some freakish weather here lately in Quebec, from super hot days, to the tornado that recently ripped through Quebec and Ontario this past weekend. 

If you thought that was the end of this crazy weather, you thought wrong. 

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TL;DR Severe storms and potential tornado are coming to Montreal from The Weather Network.

If this heavy downpour and winds are any indication of the weather to come, then we should all be staying indoors for the next little bit. 

According to The Weather Network's latest forecast, Quebec is at a high-risk for severe weather for tonight and Wednesday.  

A cold front is coming towards the province, and when it collides with warm weather, it's a recipe for disaster! 

What we can expect in the next 24 hours, according to The Weather Network:

Starting tonight and into Wednesday morning: 

Scattered showers and isolated tunderstorm pockets.

Wednesday afternoon:

These "pockets" could develop into severe thunderstorms as both warm and cold fronts move across the province.

There may be a tornado risk:

Between Montreal and the Maine border there is a possibility for these storms to develop into tornadoes.

Via The Weather Network

This is something you should keep an eye out for. Even with the potential threat of a tornado, there will also be very high winds – 50-60 km/h widespread over Quebec. 


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