A few months ago we introduced you to Daniel Gray, a New Zealand native who set out to build a backyard igloo made of milk cartons and food coloring while he visited his girlfriend and her family in Edmonton.

The Stephens family brought to our attention the "SoDo" or rather "South of Dorchester" neighborhood family project which decided to take take Gray's idea and rebuild the fortress on a whole new level. Instead of the usual Canadian igloo, the families designed an ice castle , which seems appropriately in tune with the release of the children's film, "Frozen".

In it's entirety, the ice castle is built of 450 2L milk cartons, as well as 50 1L cartons and 20 bottles of food coloring. For months leading up to the project, the families involved had been collecting and freezing the "bricks" in their backyards, as well as in their neighbors' freezers.

Half of the milk cartons that were used in this project came from recycling bins, as well as the cafeteria at Dawson College and Cafe Differance. After collecting cartons, mixing ingredients and freezing the bricks, the building of this family's ice castle took a total of three full days, with the help of kids and neighbors from their community.

Could you build an ice castle like this one?

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