The internet has once again proven it has the ability to shit on pretty much anything by voicing its opinion regarding a Montreal woman's hobby. Valentine Thomas decided to move from Montreal to London to pursue her dream of travelling and spearfishing around the world. Equipped with snorkeling equipment and a spear-gun, she hunts down large fish and posts the pictures on her Instagram account.

To be clear, she's not doing anything wrong. Spearfishing is perfectly legal and Valentine only kills what she eats.  Yet according to the Daily Mail, she's being called a "killer" and a "slut." Pretty harsh considering all she's doing is fishing and posting pictures of herself in a bathing suit.

In fact, these pictures are rather tame by internet standards and show little more than what you'd see on any beach. Who knows, she might even inspire a few lazy individuals to get off their asses and pursue their dreams as well.

This is one of those cases where all the people who are up in arms need to take a deep breath, sit down and shut up, because there's absolutely nothing scandalous going on here.

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