When you drive around Montreal, you'll notice the road is... bumpy to say the least, but this year things are seriously getting out of hand. 

In some areas it literally feels like you're driving off-road.

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Driving is tricky enough, you don't just have to avoid other cars, cyclists and pedestrians, you also have to avoid the road itself. 

And things are even worse this year.

Last year we claimed the #1 spot of most potholes in the world, and according to the city of Montreal, there are 20% more potholes in the city than there were at the same time last year. 

I guess it's the price we have to pay for all that warm weather we enjoyed in February.

In the last 2 months alone there 53,864 new potholes have popped up on the Island of Montreal

Think about that for a minute, that means road repair crews are fixing more than 1700 potholes a day just to break even!

But the worst part is that if  you damage your car on one of these potholes, you're pretty much on your own. Out of 469 claims made last year only 17 people received compensation from the government. 

To pay for all the pothole repairs, the city set aside a budget of $3,500,000.  My question is, at what point does it become cheaper to just re-pave the whole road?


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