Guys, I think at this stage in the game, we all know that churros are life. Churros are love. Churros are everything.

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And, honestly, I think we can pretty much say the same thing about ice cream. So what would happen if these two super desserts came together? Beautiful things, friends. Beautiful things.

Just how beautiful? Well, I'm glad you asked. Prepare to feast your eyes on the Churro Sundae, served up by Montreal's very own Le Blueboy artisan ice cream shop.

This delight hasn't been available for too long, but it's already been making serious waves. And why wouldn't it? Featuring Le Blueboy's signature artisan ice cream, toppings, and hot, crispy, sweet churros, there's honestly no way you can go wrong.

Sound like the tastiest thing you could treat yourself to? You know it does. Check out Le Blueboy's Facebook page for more information.

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