You can probably smell it in the air. That is, if you breathe really really deep. Spring is on its way. Real spring. Not the kind hovering-around-zero degrees-spring we've been experiencing lately.

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No - i'm talking lights jackets 13 degrees, sangria on a terrace - REAL spring. 

The city knows that when the temperatures rise above a certain threshold, all Montrealers not want, but absolutely NEED, to be outside.  Like a flower deprived of water and sun, we love to soak in the warm fresh air and light we've been deprived of during the long month of winter hibernation. 

The city of Montreal has set up these amazing custom-made musical installation called "21 swings" in the Places Des Arts area of downtown Montreal, to help motivate Montrealers to get outside and play.

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The sings will be officially open as of the 9th of April. You can check out the official site of PDA for all the details on the swing schedule. Or, just pop by anytime to take a spin.

For more info click here. 

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