Here's something you don't hear every day. The City of Westmount will be adding English to parking signs.

Normally you never hear about English words being added anywhere. They're usually being removed or made smaller. (Or in our case ridiculously translated) But this time, Westmount has decided to update their signs after 20 years of fighting with the OQLF.

It is now permitted to have bilingual signage in cities with official bilingual status. Funny how something so obvious and logical is only being implemented now.

This is what the new parking signs would look like:

Although in order to avoid a bigger more confusing sign, they may be likely to opt for this option:

Although this is good news, it's going to take a while because the city of Westmount has some more important projects that they need to take care of first. This includes road construction, water main repairs, and sewer maintenance.

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