Well, I hate to say I told you so, but just as I predicted, Montreal is in the throes of some pretty insane weather.

Sidewalks started icing over last night so that by this morning the entire city was treacherous. Then... cue the increase in temperature.

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TL;DR Montreal has gone through nearly three seasons in the span of one day. Snow turned to ice, which then melted, turning the city into the Venice of the North. Check out the chaos below.

Things started getting really slippery last night. I can attest because I took this first video below while I was on the Plateau.

The freeze continued overnight so that the roads were super slippery very early this morning.

Cars had next to no traction... and then the temperature started to rise.

Before long the city was in the midst of an actual melt.

I'm surprised there aren't flood alerts out yet, cause this is insane.

Downtown is essentially flooded. Both cars and pedestrians are practically swimming.

How much water can we have on the island before we sink into the Saint Lawrence?

Jokes aside though, can you imagine having mobility problems in the city?

Like, forget it. You're staying home.

Schools are closed across the island, and many businesses and daycares are as well.

Probably the safest choice... the fewer people we have slipping and sliding the better.

Not to mention I'm worried about people straight up drowning at this point!

#FloodGirl2.0 is bound to happen at this point.

@lyss.x0embedded via  

Not to mention how terrified I am for tomorrow...

All this slushy wetness is bound to freeze up again when the temperature goes back down below zero tonight.

So while the slush and huge puddles are inconvenient, it's the inevitable ice that I'm most worried about.

If we thought the roads were bad this morning... oh boy.

@nencyna35embedded via  

This guy knows...

It does sometimes feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on all of us.

If summer wasn't so friggen glorious here, none of us would stay.

But also, there is something about this kind of insane weather that really brings us together as Montrealers.

It's like an 8 month inside joke between all of us and Mother Nature.

Although, some people obviously don't find the joke very funny.

But as long as we all look out for each other and help each other out when things get dangerous like this, we'll be fine.

Take this shining example of a Canadian:

She knows how to look out!

That's what we should all be doing when things get crazy like this. Consider the little old lady that lives next door and don't think twice about going to check on her to make sure she's got enough milk and eggs in the fridge to last until the sidewalks are a little less treacherous.

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