It's common knowledge that Montreal is known as a hub for nightlife. This grows out of a couple facts about Montreal that makes this city particularly conducive to a rich noctural culture.

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TL;DR A brand-new "Las Vegas Style" nightclub will be opening in Montreal this December. The club will feature huge booths, a top-of-the-line sound system, and a penthouse.

First off, the drinking age in Quebec 18, one of the lowest in Canada. Montreal is also known for its wide variety of "adult entertainment" nightlife that is also 18+. 

Several major and internationally-renowned universities and colleges call Montreal home. As a result, the city is packed with bottle popping 18-22-year-olds for whom hangovers are just part of the Sunday morning routine. 

That said, Montreal is about to get an addition to its nightlife repertoire: a brand-spanking-new club called "Obsession."  

Yes, the name is a little cheesy, but that's the point; it's a "Las Vegas style" nightclub that will accommodate a whopping 5,000.

This will be the most classic nightclub experience you can get in Montreal. 

It will feature a state-of-the-art sound system, a penthouse, and large banquettes. The club plans on hosting some of the biggest DJ names in the world and attacting celebrities as well.

Via obsessionnightclubmtl

Via obsessionnightclubmtl

Via obsessionnightclubmtl

Via obsessionnightclubmtl

Via obsessionnightclubmtl

 Looks swanky AF! You will definitely have to "dress to impress."

The club is planning on opening in late December, right in time for NYE.  

There is no info on the location of the club yet, but you can stay tuned by following or liking Obsession Nightclub's Facebook page HERE.


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