Conversations about urban zones and a proposed green space over the Turcot Interchange have been going on for years in Montreal. 

It's been a lot of back and forth with officials seeking the funding for the project. Lots of locals have spoken up about the project, and in general, the whole thing has been a mixed bag of whether it would or even should move forward. 

Today plans to give some new life to the Turcot Interchange have officially moved forward. 

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The new pedestrian overpass was conceived as a project that was present in 2010 for the new highway but has been stuck in limbo under the tenure of six different transport ministers throughout the years since. 

The idea of this pedestrian zone to safely cross the highway has disappeared and reappeared all to just vanish again. Really, it's been stuck in a cycle. 

Finally, funding has been locked down as Montreal and the province of Quebec has agreed to split the bill on this project, and they will be moving forward with public consultations this fall. Construction on the project isn't set to begin until 2020, though, but that's nothing new. 

Via projetmontreal

Montreal has a never-ending list of construction projects happening all the time, so 2020 doesn't seem too unrealistic... I guess. 

Once this begins, you can expect the whole area surrounding the new green space site to change. Bike paths will move, St-Jacques will change, as will the land beside St-Jacques. The whole area is getting a total facelift. 

The addition of a bike and pedestrian bridge over Highway 20 will link NDG to the Southwest Borough. For summertime, this will be great for those of us who want to stay away from driving around Montreal's crazy construction saturated roads. 

Via Projet Montreal

A new feature of this project is the brand new park that will be built on the old Highway 20. This will feature a pond, hills to block out the sound and will act as a "beautiful entrance to the city."

The old project, which was much smaller, was expected to cost around $40M. This will obviously cost more. It will be interesting to see the results of what this space will eventually turn into following public consultations. 

I, for one, am excited to see this move forward! 

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