Montreal's official winter festival "Fete Des Neiges", which is taking place at Parc Jean-Drapeau between the weekends of January 16th to February 7th, will officially have a zipline! Family, friends and loved ones are invited to go & try it as of Jan. 16th.

From the official Fete Des Neiges website:

La Tyrolienne, la plus haute tour mobile au monde, vous propose de voltiger sur l'un des quatre câbles de descente. La plus petite est d'une hauteur de 8 mètres et d'une longueur de 110 mètres, tandis que la plus haute est installée à 15 mètres sur une distance de 200 mètres.

The Tyrolean , the highest mobile tower in the world, offers you to hover over one of the four down cables. The smallest has a height of 8 meters and a length of 110 meters, while the highest is installed 15 meters over a distance of 200 meters.

Who's up next?


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