Learning about Montreal's long and rich history isn't exactly an exciting time to many. I get it, dates, facts, and historical figures are generally presented in a pretty boring fashion (e.g. textbooks and history class) but that will change come 2017.

Marking Montreal's 375th anniversary, a new type of circus performance will open, one that will showcase the city's unique history while immersing the audience into the spectacle itself.

To be created by Montreal-based circus collective Les 7 doigts (or 7 Fingers), the 2017 show is tentatively named "Parcours immersif 375" and promises to be an interactive circus performance where spectators will not simply sit and watch, but have an active role in the show.

Under the theme "living together in Montreal," the show will not have a fixed location. Rather, the performance will take place all around Quartier des Spectacles, with audience members taken all around the area to various venues for different parts of the performance, reports La Presse.

While the concept for the performance is solidified (and will feature the stories of historically important men and women of various nationalities who made an impact on Montreal) the mechanics of what will happen during the show and where still need to be worked out.

For example, none of the venues have been chosen, but 7 doigts commented almost any space could be used, from retail stores to vacant buildings. The idea is to constantly keep the audience guessing and constantly immersed into the performance. A fair amount of walking will likely be involved, but a food pit-stop will probably be included to ensure everyone isn't distracted by hunger.

Adding to the dynamism of the show will be the inclusion of various multimedia technologies. Again, nothing can be confirmed, though the performance's organizers have confirmed it will be quite multidisciplinary.

A budget has yet to be allocated to the 375th anniversary interactive circus performance, which will then dictate the length of the show itself and the number of venues used, but 7 doigts is fairly confident in the show's success. The circus company is already looking ahead to take the concept to other cities, if the spectacle is successful here, of course.

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