It's a Monday, so the chances of you being in a good mood were already pretty slim. We can all agree that today is the most disliked day of the week, but with weather always being in question right now, it brings a entirely new level of hatred for the beginning of the week. This week is unfortunately no exception, as Envrionment Canada is warning that Montreal is going to have frigid -27°C winter temperatures tonight.

This gives us just one more reason to despise leaving our house on a Monday. You'll want to dress warmly, as it looks like this week is just going to be another winter nightmare in the city.

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TL;DR Envrionment Canada's forecast for tonight brings temperatures as cold as -27°C to Montreal. Flurries are also expected this evening. The next few days will also bring below zero temperatures until Thursday which is expected to warm to 5°C. More details below.

According to Environment Canada, The next few days are going to be exceptionally cold, with temperatures well below the freezing point. Tonight is definitiely the worst of the week, as Montrealers will be haunted by the -27°C winter blast that begins this evening. To make matters worse, there is a 40% chance of flurries today, so we could be plagued by both the freezing cold AND snow.

Oh, and let's not forget all of the dangerous ice already across the city.

As of right now, with wind chill, temperatures are -24°C, meaning if you already felt unable to be outside for more than a few seconds, that feeling is only going to get worse over the course of the day. Needless to say, if you have the opportunity to stay indoors this cold and miserable Monday, definitiely take advantage of it.

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The good news is we only have to make it to Thursday to experience pretty warm temperatures, as the forecast predicts 5°C during the day. All we have to do first is deal with this super cold winter blast. Stay warm, Montreal.

For more information, checkout Environment Canada's weekly weather forecast HERE.



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