Hey, who here remembers the 90s? I sure do. They were simpler times. They were fun times. I miss them.

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I'm pretty much 100% sure that I'm not the only one who fondly remembers the simplicity (and fleek fashion and music culture, TBH) of the 90s. I think there are whole, entire Facebook pages dedicated to everyone's love of the world's best decade.

And if your love for the 90s is too legit to quit, then I've got some awesome news for you.

It's recently been announced that all of your favourite pop stars from the 1990s are coming to Montreal, as part of the I Love The 90's tour.

You can catch Salt N Pepa, Montell Jordan, Rob Base, Young MC, Color Me Badd, and more, at the Bell Centre on February 16, 2017, according to The Beat.

Tickets start at about $55, according to the Facebook event page.

Sounds like the most awesome thing you've heard of this week? Then check out I Love The 90s on Facebook for updates.

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