At this stage in the game, we all know one thing for sure: jerk chicken is life.

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In fact, all jerk food is pretty much life. When cooked right, it's fragrant, spicy, incredibly juicy, and all-around awesome. (Sidenote: even when it's not cooked right, it's still pretty great).

via @fuc_n_chicken

And if you love jerk chicken as much as we all do, then I've got some awesome news for you!

A huge jerk food festival is going down in Montreal this June 24.

via @ciaomiranda12

The Montreal Jerk Food Festival is taking place at the Soccerplexe Catalogna in Lachine (775 1re Ave). 

Admission is free, and the festival will feature lots of live music, and tons of jerk food for sale! (Including jerk chicken, jerk poutine, and even jerk lobster!)

via @energysquadintl

Sounds like the coolest thing ever? You know it! Check out Montreal's Jerk Food Festival on Facebook for more information. 

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