I think everyone here can agree that puppies are the single greatest thing on the planet. I mean, who doesn't love a fluffy, squishy, cute little puppy that just wants to love you all day long?? 

No one, that's right! Everyone loves puppies because you can play with them all day long, cuddle with them all night long, and they'll comfort you when you're having a bad day. 

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I WISH I could have my own puppy here in Montreal, but unfortunately I don't have the right size apartment, I'm balancing school and work and it just wouldn't be fair to the little pup! 

If I could get a puppy I would 100% adopt one because that's just the right thing to do. Luckily, there's going to be a puppy adoption event happening in Montreal!

via @ledoggycafe

It's going to be held at Le Doggy Cafe at 4701 Rue Saint Denis on September 17th! It's held by the adoption agency called Animatch and it's going to be an amazing event that aims to unite adorable dogs in need with their hopefully new forever homes!

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There will be Animatch volunteers there all day long to introduce you to all the cute pups, answer any questions you may have about the adoption process and help you find your new furry friend!

via @ledoggycafe

They also welcome people who aren't adopting a dog and just want to come and hang out with some of their fluffers. They want all their dogs to get a chance to socialize with as many people as possible!

So don't worry if you can't commit to adopting a furry friend but still want to attend the event. 

via @ledoggycafe

via @ledoggycafe

It's going to be an amazing event with with lots of pats, furry love, and smiles! Check out their Facebook event for more information. 

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