Manny, the famously mysterious Montreal photographer who's face you'll never see is throwring a secret Great Gatsby themed party this weekend hosted & organized by Best & Finest.                

Last year's event was huge and this year is set to be twice as big AND twice as awesome.

On September 26th you're invited to ditch your identity and be whoever you want to be. Whether you want to to wear a costume or a mask or simply pretend to be someone else, the choice is yours. Anything is possible at  #HAPPYBIRTHDAYMANNY2.

The party takes place in 2 huge lofts at Espaces des Arts, there will be crazy stunts, porn stars, gladiator fights and an "all you can drink" open bar.

Best & Finest invited 2 International DJs. Again, you definitely do NOT want to miss this legendary party.

Tickets are $40 for ladies and $60 for guys.

Get yours now or Click here for more information.

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