I can't think of someone who doesn't love cocktails. It's a drink that's made with alcohol but that doesn't taste like alcohol. It tastes like juice! They are the perfect recipe for a night out. Yes, they can be a bit disastrous if you don't pace yourself, but what fun is that?

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Obviously, I'm kidding and you need to be careful how you drink. I'm just saying that cocktails are so deliciously addictive that you'll never want to stop. And there are so many different ways you can make them. So many that Montreal was able to make a whole festival about them.

Oh yeah, you read that correctly, Montreal is having a cocktail fest! It's called "Invasion Cocktail" and it's going to blow your mind!

From May 14, 2018, to May 20, 2018, you can have access to over 250 exclusive cocktails! With the participation of 30 bars and restaurants, this event is going to be huge! If you love yourself a good cocktail, then this is the perfect event for you. At the end of the festival, you can even vote for your favorite cocktail!

This is the fifth edition of this festival is going to be off the charts. Wherever you decide to go, you are going to see some seriously crazy drinks. If you're tired of rum and cokes, then you definitely need to check this out. You can even participate in some amazing cocktail workshops so you can go home and make some yourself!

Learn about everything on their website.

Check out the insane list of participating restaurants:

132 Bar Vintage

Bar George

Bar Palco


Chez Tao


Dirty D

Creme Fraiche

Huis Clos


L'Gros Luxe

La Belle et La Boeuf

La Distillerie

La Planque


Le 4e Mur

Le Barraca

Le Jockey

Le Maelstrom

Le Royal

Le Sam

Les Enfants Terribles

Madame Smith


Sapristi St-Jean

VV Taverna

Trust me when I say that this is an event you're going to look forward to every single year. What could be better? It's a festival dedicated to drinking fancy and delicious cocktails. And it looks like a really, really great time.

You can download a free passport that will get you special prices on all the cocktails. There are also tons of special events and deals that you can get online. It's good that you're finding out about this now so you can beat the crowds and get your tickets before the prices go up.

Buy your tickets and drink passports here!

Check out all these pictures to get you excited: 

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