Woman have never had it easy when it comes to video games. There are very few characters available and even fewer games revolving around a central female characters. And the worst part is that when there are female characters, they're usually just added as an excuse to provide the game with more nudity.

This is typical female game character:

Photo - unCAGEDgamez

And this is what the average male character would look like if they were dressed in the same manner:

Not exactly the ideal costume for getting into fight. 

Luckily the Montreal Science Center in collaboration with Ubisoft are holding an exhibit focused exclusively on women. On Wednesday, September 2nd, the Game On exhibit will be open until midnight and participants will be able to play Just Dance 2015 on a giant IMAX screen.

Guests will also be able to meet 5 female developers from Ubisoft Montreal as well as Stéphanie Harvey, the 5-time Counter Strike World Champion. They will answer any question you might have about careers in the video game industry.

Tickets are $25 and give you access to the Game On exhibit, access to the IMAX®TELUS theatre to play Just Dance 2015 as well as a free drink and snacks.

The Q & A session is FREE. 

Click here for more information or to buy your tickets.

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