When it comes to culture, we tend to see trends of a decade fizzle out, and make a comeback in a massive way - usually around 20 years later. 

Honestly, it's not a total fact - but the 20-year rule applies to a lot of "retro" and iconic pop culture happenings in our world. Think about it. That 70s Show was massively popular for its retro and nostalgic comedy - it came out in '97, and was set in '77 when it began.

In fashion, we've also seen the return of platform shoes, fanny packs, and essentially 50% of all the items you'll find in Urban Outfitters. The 20-year rule is real.

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Right now, the '90s nostalgia is huge!... And for good reason. The '90s were the best era to grow up in, the music was fantastic, the clothes were terrible - or terribly great, depending on how you look at it. 

This weekend, Montreal is set to celebrate all things "the '90s" with a bar crawl around Montreal's downtown.

90s Bar Crawl is a company that hosts these themed events in all over the U.S., and now they are coming to Montreal! 

90s Bar Crawl, Montreal 2018, will give kids of the 90s the chance to relive the glory days of yesteryear, while all the new hipster kids today who pretend to remember the era can get a 90s experience closest to actually living in the best of times.

Here's all the 90s Bar Crawl info you need to know:

Via 90s Bar Crawl

What? 90s Bar Crawl, Montreal 2018

When? Saturday, May 5 - 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

How Much? Tickets are $40

What you get:
- A signature bar crawl cup
- A 'welcome' drink at registration*
- Drink specials at numerous Montreal bars
- 90s music at participating establishments 
- An amazing crowd of 90s kids celebrating the best of the 90s!

Participating Bars:

  • La P'tite Grenouille Montreal (Registration Bar)
  • Peel Pub
  • Mad Hatter
La P'tite Grenouille Montreal (Registration Bar):

  • 2 $ vodka lime shots
  • 3$ yager bomb
  • 4$ vodka cranberries or beer bottles
  • 25 shots for 25$
  • Pool of beer: 10 Liters for 60$
  • Pool of sangria: 10 liters for 80$
  • Pool of Mojito: 10 liters for 100$
  • 5 coronas for 25$
Peel Pub:
  • 2$ small beer mug 
  • 3$ shots: Different mix shots
  • 4$ mixed drinks: vodka, rum, gin.
Mad Hatter:
  • $4 Rum & Coke
  • $4 Cranberry and Vodka
  • $4 Gin Tonic
  • $4 Whisky Ginger
  • $2 Margarita shots

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Don't miss this opportunity to "get jiggy wit it" and belt your heart out to every song found on the first ten albums of NOW That's What I Call Music! 

You can follow the 90s Bar Crawl Facebook event right here.

Check out the official website, and grab your tickets here!

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