Sure its cold, but there are still plenty of reason to be happy about being in Montreal right now. The beautiful architecture, culture, and, of course, the people of Montreal are always worth celebrating, no matter the weather. An ode to everything Montreal, the cover of Pharell Williams' 'Happy' below, entirely filmed in Montreal from the creative mind of Khaci Jay, will remind you why Montreal is an awesome city despite the frigid weather.

Titled 'Happy (We Are From Montreal)' the music video is a cover by Anthony Pageot and Drey Sax, produced by Cotolo, and features many other Montreal artists. Filmed all around the city, the music video will definiely make you happy to be in Montreal. Take a gander below.

For more Montreal-made art, check out Khaci Jay's YouTube page (where the video was originally posted) and her website here.

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