When it’s really, really cold, like it is now, sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. Unfortunately, being a woman/man of action doesn’t always work out so well. 

Case in point: a man in Verdun who tried to thaw his pipes using a blowtorch, only to cause a major fire in his apartment building. 

Yesterday, at around 1:30pm, the Montreal fire department got a call about a fire spreading in a six-apartment building on Rushbrooke Street in Verdun, reports CTV News

The fire itself took about two hours to put  out (check out the YouTube video below for some live footage) but that wasn’t even the worst part. 

Hydro-Quebec, at the behest of the fire department, cut off power to the immediate area, putting around 6,000 houses without power. 

No one was reported to be harmed in the fire but damages are being estimated at about $200,000, as almost every apartment in the building was damaged. 

But that number doesn’t factor in the scores of people who were without power because someone got the ingenious idea to use a blowtorch on a bunch of frozen pipes, because there was definitely some emotional damage done by being without power when it’s this cold outside. 

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