Photo cred - Sebastian Gallup

Two years is a long time, long enough to give up hope on anything that may have disappeared, from people, to pets, to inanimate objects like bikes. Bike theft is a particular problem in Montreal, and the notion of getting back your bike once its stolen is nigh ridiculous, but for one lucky Montrealer, the impossible happened.

Sebastian Gallup had his customized black and red Masi bike violently torn from his hands by a random robber while outside a bar on St. Cats, CBC reports. The thief grabbed Gallup's very own lock, smacked him in the face, sending Gallup hurtling to the ground, and ran off with the bicycle in tow.

Photo cred - Sebastian Gallup

Time passed, wounds (physical and emotional)  healed and Gallup got on with his life. Fate, however, threw Gallup a bone, and while he was at the SAQ on Notre-Dame and St. Sulpice he noticed a bike that looked similar to his own parked by the liquor store. Upon further inspection, Gallup realized it didn't look like his bike, it was his bike.

Gallup immediately called the police, who came over, removed the bike, and took it to the station for further investigation. As it stands now, the cops are checking the bike's serial number with Gallup and the original bike store's reciepts to ensure it's truly his bike and not a look alike. Given that the bike was highly customized, it's likely that Gallup did find his bike again, against all odds.

Photo cred - Sebastian Gallup

So next time you or someone you know has an unfortunate encounter with a bike thief, don't lost all hope. A couple of years may go by, but one night, while you're out getting some drank, you could find yourself staring at a very familiar cycle that you can reclaim as your own. Or Gallup is one super luck guy and we're all still screwed if our bike gets jacked.

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